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 Professor & Director of Graduate Programs, Economics
                   Youngstown State University
         Williamson College of Business Administration

                        Responsibilities include:
Teaching: Primarily Quantitative Economics at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
Research: Applied Econometrics and Web-Based Education.

                       Professional Affiliations
                  American Economic Association
                  American Statistical Association
                  Midwest Economic Association
                  Association of Third World Studies

Course Information
Welcome to my home page. Basically, the site contains information for YSU students who are currently taking with me the following quantitative economics courses: Econ 3788, Econ 3789, Econ 5824, Econ 5853, Econ 6900, Econ 6904, and Econ 6976. Select the course to view a copy of the syllabus. Students taking Econ 3790, and 6900 must buy a copy of Learning Economics and Business Statistics with Excel, 3e  in order to take advantage of the extensive discussion on research methodology including a complete analysis of sample Excel outputs in all the chapters of the book. To do the exercises and cases in Learning Economics and Business Statistics with Excel, 3e, you must download the Dataset for Excel Manual.

For those using  Learning Economics and Business Statistics With SPSS/win you must download the Dataset for SPSS Manual in order to do the exercises and cases presented in the book. Though limited in terms of the discussion and examples, the Web module of Learning Statistics with SPSS/win continues to provide tutorials with annotated outputs by subject areas. Select the topic areas that pertain to the course(s) that you are presently taking with me. Follow the relevant links to obtain more information about a specific statistical procedure and the related tutorials/examples. Help in using the SPSS/win program is also available in the SPSS/win Primer.

Regardless of which manual you have/use, go to the Glossary of Statistical Terms for a quick refresher of statistical concepts while learning the material.

Information in Research Guidelines and Sources of Economics Data are specifically for the undergraduate students taking Applied Econometrics (Econ. 5853) and the graduate students taking Econometrics (Econ. 6976). This module contains a brief description of the various stages of doing an empirical study and bookmarks to important sources of data on the Internet. Also, the resources for economists contains a comprehensive listing of economic information on a variety of economic subjects and areas, including: Job information for Economists; Economic Societies and Associations; Economics Journals on the Internet; Directories to Universities, Business Schools, Economic Departments, Graduate Programs, and Economists; and Software Program Libraries. Economics and business students as well as practitioners in economics and/or related fields will find the resources quite useful.

Have fun using the resources provided here for Distance Learning in Quantitative  Economics. Please feel free to send me your comments. I solicit constructive comments so that I can better deliver Distance Education to you through the cyberspace of the World Wide Web. You can use my E-mail address or the feedback form below to send me your comments. Thank you.

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Electronic Mail Address: eeusip@ysu.edu
Internet/Web Address: eeusip.people.ysu.edu
Phone/Voice-Mail: Office: 330 941 1682; Dept. 330 941 3428

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