Dataset Files for SPSS Manual

This page lists all of the data files in the manual, "Learning Economics and Business Statistics with SPSS/win". Each chapter/project requires the use of at least one data file. Use the Microsoft Internet Explorer to download the file(s). Right-click on the file that you want to download and select 'Save Link As ...' to open the "Save As" window. Then open the 'Save in:' drop down window and select the drive in the local machine that you wish to save the file (note: you can only save to drive A:\ or any available USB port if you are in the lab). After saving the file, the Internet Explorer will give you three options for your next action: push the Open button to open the file in SPSS/win if the program is installed on the local machine; push the Open Folder button to open the folder/directory into which you saved the file; or push the Close button to exit the Download Complete window. 

Note: With the permission of the North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics, the ncbirths.sav database was updated from 1995 birth records to 1999 records. The database contains 1500 cases or observations; they were randomly selected from the population of 116,073 cases or birth records.

softdrink.sav           ncbirths.sav              fertility.sav            tvshow.sav                stocks.sav

nyreform.sav           consolid.sav            auto.sav                 auto123.sav              acttemps.sav             

bock.sav                  mail.sav                   workers.sav           airport.sav                 tvread.sav              

peratio.sav             Asia's                     golf.sav                 mktvalue.sav             salaries.sav 

satisjob.sav            mktperf.sav              assembly.sav         idsalary.sav               offrates.sav

neap.sav                  stroke.sav               safety.sav               supmkt_sales.sav      employees5.sav

employees.sav        showtime.sav            consumer.sav 


Check frequently for more/new data files. Thanks. 

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