Econ 3790 (CRN #: 41920)                       SYLLABUS  Fall 2019                      Dr. Usip
Main Lecture: MW, 8 am - 9:50 am
Lab: Friday, 8 am - 8:50 am                                 


: Ebenge Usip, Ph.D.                    

OFFICE: 307 DeBartolo Hall; Hrs. MWF 1pm-3pm, TR 10am-12pm, and by appointment; Ph. 941 1682; Email:
TEXT: Statistics for Business and Economics, Special 12th Revised Edition - by Anderson, Sweeney & Williams.
SUPPLEMENTS:(1) Learning Economics and Business Statistics with Excel, 3e. -- by  Dr. Usip.
                               (2) Web Tutorials by Dr. Usip; available at

Math 1548 or a level 5 on math placement exam. or Math 1570 or 1571.

      Exam # 1 (Date to be announced)                                                                                                        20% of 500 points
      Exam # 2 (Date to be announced)                                                                                                        20% of 500 points
Final  (
41920: Dec. 9, Monday 8am-10am)                                                                                       20% of 500 points
      5 Quizzes worth 25 points each for 25 minutes (Dates to be announced)                                          15% of 500 points
      Lab Exams & Homework (see details in the Lab Syllabus)                                                                25% of 500 points

        A: 85% - 100%
        B: 75% - 84%
        C: 65% - 74%
        D: 55% - 64%                    F: 54% & below.       

      Note:  Last day to withdraw with a "W" is Oct. 24, Thursday.

I.    Meaning, Branches & Role of Statistics in Decision Making:       ch. 1
      Descriptive Statistics: Graphical and Numerical Methods 
             Tabular and Graphical Methods           ch. 2
             Numerical Methods                                ch. 3

II.   Probability & Probability Distributions 

             Probability:  Basic Concepts, Theorems, & Rules         ch. 4
             Discrete Probability Distributions - Uniform & Binomial only         ch. 5
chs. 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 

             Continuous Probability Distributions - Uniform & Normal only      ch. 6

III.  Sampling, Sampling Distributions & Statistical Inference 

             Sampling and Sampling Distributions       ch. 7
             Inference: Interval Estimation                     ch. 8
             Inference: Hypothesis Testing about the Mean & Proportion of Single Populations      ch. 9
             Inference: Chi-Square Tests of Goodness-of-Fit & Independence     ch. 12 
 MIDTERM #2: DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED          chs. 6, 7, 8, 9 & 12
             Inference: One-way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), the F-tests       ch. 13     

  Regression and Correlation Analysis  
Simple Regression and Correlation and Analysis                      ch. 14
             Multiple Regression Analysis and Correlations Analysis        ch. 15            

V.   Index Numbers
                                                                                       ch. 17                                        
FINAL EXAM                                                                                chs. 9, 13, 14, 15


1. Class attendance is strongly encouraged. No make-up examination will be administered.
2. Quizzes & Exams
    Quizzes: Conceptual & Problem Solving (75 pts).    
: Multiple Choice (60 pts) + Problem-Solving Questions (40 pts)

Quizzes and exams will involve problem-solving that require the use of formulas and graphs similar to the 'Practice Problems' posted on my homepage. Mastery of statistical concepts is imperative since any written research projects/paper requires the use of these concepts. Also your ability to read and interpret Excel output, or output from any other statistical program for that matter, requires adequate understanding of the relevant statistical concepts. No formal research projects are required as part of the course but lab related quizzes will require that you interpret the results in your output in the form of a brief report within the context of decision making. The course is applied oriented throughout both in class lectures and in the lab. You will be expected to take all quizzes and exams at the scheduled times. A make-up is possible only if I judge your reason for missing the quiz/exam to be valid (to be sure, valid excuses do not include sleeping in, forgetting, not knowing, vacation trips, etc.). You must have either my prior consent to be allowed to take a make-up, or notify me within 24 hours (by phone/voice mail, email, or in person) if you miss an exam due to an emergency. A written statement from a physician or other documentation of your circumstances may be required. A make-up may be different than the regularly scheduled quiz/exam, and will be administered at a time and location designated by me.

3. It is your responsibility to be familiar with the assigned chapters and all materials covered during lectures.
    Class participation is encouraged and will be rewarded.   

4. The Center for Student Progress (CSP), located in Kilcawley West, below the bookstore, is an on-campus resource
     established to help students successfully complete their university experience. Please call (330 941 3538)
     or visit the Center for assistance in tutoring or for individualized assistance with social and academic success. 

Disability: If you have a documented disability and require accommodation to obtain equal access to this course, please
    contact me privately to discuss your specific needs.
You must be registered with the Center for Student Progress (CSP)
    Disability Services, located at 36 West Wood Street, and provide a letter of accommodation to coordinate reasonable
    accommodations. You can reach CSP Disability Services at 330-941-1372.

The Student One Stop (SOS) is an enrollment resource on campus established to help students access and manage their
     academic record and student account. Please visit SOS or call 330 941 6000 for assistance with financial aid, records,
     registration, and tuition charges/billing. SOS is located on the 2nd floor of Meshel Hall.

No cell phone use or texting in class (5 points penalty per incidence); bring a dedicated calculator to class for exams. 

Important Dates:
Monday 8/19: First Day of Classes.
Monday 8/26:  Last Day to Add Classes or Change Grading Option.
Monday 9/2: University closed (Labor Day)
Friday 9/27:  Last day to apply for graduation (without late fee)
Thursday 10/24:  Last day of withdrawing with a grade of “W”
Monday 11/11: University closed (Veteran's Day)
Wednesday 11/27: No Classes Scheduled (University Open)
Thursday 11/28: University Closed for Thanksgiving
Monday 12/2: University Opens after Thanksgiving
Saturday 12/14: Fall Semester Ends
Sunday 12/15: Commencement Day  

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